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Welcome to the Great Lakes Council of
Fly Fishers International

The voice of fly fishing in Michigan, Indiana, NW Ohio and Southwestern Ontario.

Fly Fishers International (FFI) and its Councils are the only organized advocates for fly fishers on the national and regional level. The FFI is an organization was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1965. It was formed to give fly fishing a unified voice, to promote fly fishing as a method of angling and to protect and expand fly fishing opportunities. The FFI is now international in scope with active memberships throughout the world. The FFI has hundreds of member clubs and thousands of  individual members.


  FLY FISHERS INTERNATIONAL ~ GREAT LAKES COUNCIL BEGINNING FLY FISHING SCHOOL Do you want to learn the sport of fly fishing?   The Great Lakes Council of Fly Fishers International will teach you the basics of fly fishing including learning about the equipment and gear, knots, casting, entomology, fly selection, reading the water,  on stream …

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Spring 2019 Flylines Now Available

The Spring 2019 Flylines Newsletter PDF is here.   

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