Tie-a-Thon wants you to tie flies for charity

In 2006, Tim Scott and Terry Wittorp started the Tie-a-Thon to supply donated flies to other non-profit organizations that need them for therapeutic and recreational camps to teach fly fishing.
Each year since, the group has expanded its outreach. To date, it has helped raise 192,600 flies in 16 years of existence, which is equivalent to  $577,800! 
The Tie-a-Thon group would like to get your help this year. 
Here is how to contribute to the Tie-a-Thon.
1. Pick a pattern from the list.
2. Tie 100 flies of that pattern, or more if you like!
3. Mail them to Tie-a-Thon before or up to April 23rd.
4. Let Tie-a-Thon know your T-shirt size and they will mail one out to you.
5. Join Tie-a-Thon at the Elkhart Conservation Club, Elkhart Indiana on April 23rd for a wrap-up party (outside venue is available)
6. Receive your T-shirt and wear it proudly!
7. Repeat in the fall!
All flies donated will go to Casting for Recovery of Michigan and Casting for Recovery of Indiana after the April 23rd party.
Mailing Address
711 Forest Ave
South Bend, IN 46616
The Tie-a-thon is now a 501(c)3, which means monetary or flies can be made to the Tie-a-thon and are tax deductible. 
Flies are not due until April 23rd. Tie-a hopes to surpass its goal of 34,400 from last year. All flies will be split between Casting for Recovery of Michigan and Casting for Recovery of Indiana. 
Let Tie-a-Thon know if you are planning to donate and what pattern you are tying. 
If you or any fly fishing clubs or groups want to know more about the Tie-a-Thon, they are available to speak, in person when it is accepted or by Zoom. The Tie-a-Thon has presented to DRIFT, Three Rivers Fly Fishers and the Colorado Women’s Fly Fishers in the past few months. 

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