FFI Conservation Action Update

FFI collaborates with our many Conservation Partners throughout the year to monitor and provide sound comment/biological opinion regarding land use activities of conservation concern. We do this on behalf of our members and fly fishing community. Such activities include projects conducted under provisions of the WRDA and key priorities we collectively provide to Congress for consideration during their reauthorization of the act.

The attached letter to the Committee on Environment and Public Works documents our collective recommendations regarding key priorities we feel must be considered in the reauthorization of the WRPA in 2022.

Our recommendations generally are that oversight must be improved to assure that projects affecting waters, species and their habitats are properly designed, compensated and implemented; that natural measures must be used in habitat improvement and flood control/prevention, rather than structural; and that habitat, fish and wildlife, people and climate will ultimately benefit from how we restore, protect and manage our natural landscapes.

NI Working Group Recommendations – WRDA 2022 Final 121721

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