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2017 GLC Fly Fishing School & Fair

June 16-18, 2017

The GLC FLY FISHING SCHOOL & FAIR is held at the R.A. MacMullan Conference Center located on the north side of Higgins Lake near Roscommon and Grayling, Michigan.  Adjacent to the Center is one of Michigan’s most popular parks, N. Higgins Lake State Park.

Educational programs will be offered for aspiring fly anglers as well as those experienced in the sport.  Simultaneous programs and workshops for beginners, intermediate and advance anglers will be offered Friday starting at 12:30 p.m. and all-day Saturday.  Programs and workshops on casting, warm-water fly fishing, and fly fishing for trout will be on the schedule.

Beginning Fly Fishing School to include on-stream instruction.  The instructors are Jen Klabunde and Dorothy Schramm.  You will learn about equipment and gear, knots, casting, entomology, fly selection, reading the water, on-stream tactics, and fly fishing etiquette.  Saturday will be spent on the river with the instructors. Box lunch is provided.  Students will need, all species fishing license, waders, rod, reel and line, nail nippers, and sunglasses.  The beginning school starts at 12:30 pm Friday afternoon with classroom instruction and Saturday=s instruction will be on the South Branch of the Au Sable River.  Some loaner rod and reel set ups are available.  Call Terry Greiner, 517-694-5358 or email to reserve a rod and reel setup.

Fly Tying Workshops will be offered Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon.  These workshops are for tyers with at least some experience in tying.  The instructors will be Harry Barnes, Daryl Crowley and Jim Reed..  On Friday afternoon a workshop with Harry Barnes is being offered starting at 1 p.m.  Harry will teach tying Stillwater trout flies: chironomids, micro leeches, and other attracter patterns commonly used in lakes.
Just bring basic tying tools including black and olive tying thread, materials will be provided.  Daryl=s workshop is Saturday morning and it will be focused on tying the Hex. Saturday afternoon=s workshop features Jim Reed who will be providing a program on working with Deer Hair including materials selection, tying Muddler type heads and stack a deer hair mouse.  Bring a hair stacker.  While there is no charge for tying with at the workshops we do ask you to pre-register so we know how many tyers to have hooks and materials for (bring your own equipment). You are also welcome to just come and watch.

A Teaching Someone to Fly Cast Workshop will be conducted by John Van Dalen on Friday afternoon at 1 pm.  This is a non-certification class to train those that are interested in assisting with the teaching of fly casting.  An Introduction to Fly Casting Class will be conducted by Terry Tatarchuk and staff at 2 pm on Friday afternoon.  On Saturday Morning you can continue to work on your casting at the Fly Casting Clinic with Terry and Fixing Simple Casting Errors with John.  On Saturday afternoon, John Johnson & Staff will do a Intermediate Fly Casting Clinic.  Rods are provided or bring your own.  This year we are asking that you pre-register for the casting workshops (no charge) so we can insure we have sufficient instructors available.

An On-stream Workshop will be conducted on Saturday morning by Herb Grenke.  Herb will be teaching and demonstrating the Vibrant Euro-Nymping technique.  You will learn a few new methods to catch fish on a nymph other than how we typically set it up in the USA with a strike indicator.  There two methods that have become Herb=s favorites.  You will provided with a Fczeck sighter and French slinke.  Most of the class will on the water learning the tight line techniques to keep flies in the feeding zone.  The workshop begins in the classroom and then you will move to the Au Sable River for the on-stream portion.  You don=t need specialized equipment for the class.  Bring the longest, lightest rod you have.  Have some nymphs of choice to use on the river.  Herb will have some 8 pound mono to construct leaders.  You will need fishing license, waders, flyrod & reel, and sunglasses.

Lunker Smallmouth on the Fly
will be a program Saturday morning by John Johnson.  John will cover selecting flies for big smallmouth and include movie clips of how to fish the flies.  John is working on a new generic approach to fly selection where we break the flies into types such as:  Surface Attractors, Surface Imitators, Shallow Attractors, Shallow Imitators, Deep Attractors and Deep Imitators.

Aquatic Biology for the Fly Fisher
will be a program Saturday morning by John Johnson.  John will cover aquatic insects and crustaceans that are important to fly fishers.  He will show high resolution pictures of the adult and nymph forms of the insects and then provide samples for you to identify.

Bob & Ron’s Excellent Adventure (On the Fly) will be a program Saturday morning by Bob Baughman and Ron Young.  Bob and Ron decided that 2016 would be a good year to knock off some of their bucket list fishing destinations.  The presentation is an honest review of each place along with a fun recollection of varying degrees of success.  Join them as they take through their year of searching for fish in Arkansas, Florida, New York, Michigan, Montana, Ontario, the Bahamas, and Belize.

Auction/raffle and awards
will take place Saturday afternoon.  The auction will feature fishing equipment, boxes of flies and artwork.  Fisheries Division Chief Jim Dexter will be the guest speaker.

The raffle & auction display will be ongoing in the hallway of the Au Sable Classroom in the Education Building on Friday and Saturday.
Fishing opportunities in the area include not only the famous Au Sable and Manistee River and their tributaries but also float tubing on nearby Wakely Lake, a catch and release lake with outstanding fishing for Bass, Bluegill, and even Northern Pike.

Youth are welcome to participate in all programs.  Youth under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  This is a great opportunity for a learning experience for father/son or daughter; mother/son or daughter or grandparents/grandchildren.

Registration is open to anyone.  Registration costs for Federation members is $35 for individuals and $45 for families.  Add $10 to these costs for nonmembers.   Special package rates are available ($210 double occupancy and $260 single occupancy) which include registration, two night lodging, Friday dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday.  LUNCH WILL BE AVAILABLE AT NOON ON FRIDAY.  YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE FRIDAY LUNCH UNLESS YOU HAVE REGISTERED FOR ONE OF THE SPECIAL PACKAGES.  See the registration form for special rates for spouses and children.  The beginning fly fishing class cost is $170 and the On Stream Workshop will cost $60.00.  The remaining programs and workshops are free with registration.

Lodging accommodations are provided at the R.A. MacMullan Conference Center located at the north end of Higgins Lake, with sandy beaches and activities for the entire family.  Adjacent to the MacMullan Center is the popular North Higgins Lakes State Park which boasts shaded campsites and a sandy beach.  Other lodging is also available and information on private campgrounds and nearby motels will be provided upon request.  Reservations for the MacMullan Center will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you are not staying at the Center, you can still register for meals at the Center.

Advanced registration for meals is required to be guaranteed availability.

Questions can be directed to Jim Schramm
(231) 869-5487 or (231) 740-7278, e-mail
Up to date information and registration materials are on
the GLC website at