Jan 26

Aquaculture Update

credit NOAA

As reported in the previous issue of Fly Line, the fish farming industry wants to establish cage pen fish farms in Lake Michigan similar to those used in Canada, Europe and South America. The Great Lakes Council passed a resolution opposing the establishment of these cage pen farms in the Great Lakes as well as opposing flow through fish farms like the one proposed for the Au Sable River. The Council submitted the following written testimony to the Michigan quality of life agencies (e.g. DNR, DEQ) as part of a public comment process they began in November.

We are presenting these comments on behalf of the Great Lakes Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers. The Great Lakes Council represents the interests fly fishing anglers in Michigan, Indiana and Northwest Ohio. The Board of Directors of the GLC is unequivocally opposed to the establishment of cage pen fish farms in the Great Lakes as well the establishment of flow through fish growing operations like the one proposed for the AuSable River. Simply put, the risks to our cold water resources are too great to turn our Great Lakes and pristine trout streams into experimental sites for aquaculture.